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All are welcome here at Hairless Whisper – Men – Women - Transgender – U18’s

Unwanted hair is an ongoing issue for many and to some, may be a source of great distress. We appreciate that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to remove hair – whatever that reason may be, Hairless Whisper provides a safe, clean and comfortable environment to give our clients the best possible service. We are fully qualified, licenced and insured. Our service is strictly confidential and in-keeping with the GDPR.

Our focus is Electrolysis as Alex has experienced the treatment and results, first-hand. The results from Electrolysis are amazing and can honestly say it is well worth sticking with it. Alex had many failed attempts using other methods of “permanent” hair removal and the upkeep of short-term methods were causing secondary problems.

Not only is Electrolysis a permanent solution to unwanted hair; it also resolves other problems, such as irritated skin and ingrowing hairs. No more open weeping lesions, no more antibiotics for inflamed abscesses, no more shaving rashes – just smooth healed skin.

Waxing is a great method of hair removal, especially on bigger areas, but is not always a suitable solution to unwanted hair in some instances; normally on the face/neck - it can promote hair growth by stimulating the follicle and is also a big player in suffering from ingrown hairs.

It is highly advisable to not wax areas being treated with Electrolysis as the treatment needs the root of the hair to work. Trimming with scissors and shaving between Electrolysis treatment is ok as the root remains intact. Electrolysis only requires the hair to be long enough to pick up with a tweezer – it is NOT like laser/IPL or waxing where the hair needs to be of a substantial length.

Working with you we will establish the best course of treatment for you.

Please note - Hairless Whisper is by appointment only

What We Offer

Electrolysis and waxing methods of hair removal – both with instant results.

  - Electrolysis offers a permanent, long-term solution
  - Waxing offers a temporary, short term solution

During your initial consultation we will discuss and devise a treatment plan and answer any questions you may have – a patch test will be performed at this stage.

Electrolysis can treat any area of the body, apart from the inside of the nose and inner ear. The rim of the ear can be safely treated.

Transgender/Transexual Females Aside from the usual areas of unwanted hair, it is very common to request full beard removal, chest/back hair removal and pre-surgery genital hair removal for sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

U18’s If you're under 18 we'll discuss each case on an individual basis and if suitable for treatment, we will require a parent or guardian to accompany you and provide consent, as well as your own, for your treatment.

There are no restrictions as to who we can treat or where you want to be treated (other than the inner nose and ear hair).

Please note - We offer the 3 methods of Electrolysis. Each method comes with restrictions as to who can receive treatment. Some may not be suitable to have electrolysis treatment due to existing medical conditions. If this is the case, we'll let you know at your consultation and set you on the right path to explore other options.

Common areas for electrolysis are:

  - Top Lip
  - Chin
  - Neck
  - Cheeks
  - Eyebrows
  - Breasts/Chest
  - Abdomen
  - Underarms
  - Bikini Line
  - Full Bikini
  - Legs
  - Fingers/Toes
  - Upper Arms
  - Around the Ears
  - Top of the Nose
  - Top of the Back
  - Eyebrows
  - Cheeks Above the Beard Line
  - Edges of the Beard Line
  - Ingrown Hairs
  - Full beard
  - Full genital hair removal

Electrolysis Explained

Electrolysis is a small needle/probe (about the size on an eyelash) inserted into each individual hair to permanently kill the hair over a period of treatments. It is the only recognised fully permanent form of hair removal - laser and IPL are only classified as long term as hairs will eventually grow back. Electrolysis is not as painful as some might think. The insertion of the needle is not felt and depending on the method of electrolysis, the only time you feel the treatment is when the current is applied as it heats up the hair – but lasts no longer than a few seconds. This sensation varies according to the area being treated, previous method of hair removal, and hair & skin type along with client pain threshold.

Hairless Whisper Electrolysis and Waxing

Each method means the needle is inserted but not necessarily with any current applied

- Short wave diathermy (SWD) - uses current only delivered by the needle; causing the hair to vibrate which produces the heat. This permanently destroys the follicle over time obtaining hair free results.

- Galvanic - is a direct current. You hold a probe and then the needle is inserted to the hairs to create the circuit. No current is applied and you don’t feel anything. This method causes a natural chemical reaction called sodium hydroxide which destroys the hair growth

- Blend method - is a mix of SWD and galvanic; attacking the hair growth in both ways

Our machine, probes and consumables are all sourced from the internationally recognised brand STEREX specialising in Electrolysis equipment.

Hairless Whisper Hair Removal


Session lengths from 10 mins to 2 hours
10 minutes £15-00
15 minutes £18-00
20 minutes £22-00
30 minutes £25-00
45 minutes £43-00
60 minutes £50-00

Standard waxing only, no intimate waxing
Eyebrows £5-00
Top Lip £5-00
Chin £5-00
Neck/Face £20-00
Full arm £20-00
Underarm £9-00
Lower arm £15-00
Abdomen £18-00
Bikini £10-00
Full leg & bikini £33-00
Full leg £28-00
3/4 leg £23-00
1/2 leg (top/lower) £18-00
Full chest £18-00
Full back £18-00


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